SPSYC Council Retreat Planning Sessions


The planning sessions are fun. We have had two so far. They usually are about two days long. The first session was held at the Synod Assembly. We started by doing group activities to familiarize ourselves with each other. We picked out a theme and chose quotes from the bible that fit that theme with one verse chosen from the bible to describe the over arching theme.


The second SPSYC planning session was held in this fall at Roseville California. The first day, when we arrive to the church, we spent the time getting to know each other and relaxing. The next day we focused on the planning aspect of things. First, we looked at the schedule from last year’s retreat to figure out what things worked out and what things we should change. Then we got into groups and brainstormed ideas of what things we can do as activities to match the theme we had chosen on our first meeting.


When we got back together in a big group we figured out the schedule, first starting out with the same outline from the last retreat and changing things up from there. Once we have the schedule we pretty much finished and just had to figure out the small details in our small rotation groups. The four groups are science, art, nature, and music. Each group had to figure out how they could fill 30 minutes with something that relates back to the theme.