By the time you read this we will have been to the Sierra Pacific Synod Conference. This year is a bit exciting for me.


In addition to having two lay attendees, we have a youth (Serafina) attending SPSYC (Sierra Pacific Synod Youth Committee). This is the first time I’ve had a youth attend! This journey began last year when Serafina attended the Jr. High retreat. This year, at the SPSYC High School retreat, Serafina ran for SPSYC office. Isabella gave the stump speech for her sister.

“Houston, we have ignition”


As we enter the month of June, the final stretch to Houston is upon us. I know it is getting close because shirts and other sundry items for the Gathering have begun arriving. We’ve completed registration and housing, only transportation is left. Soon we will meet with the kids from New Creation for a pre-Gathering study. It is exciting and nerve wracking was well.


I’m always a bit concerned that I will forget something needed, and am also reminded that as long as I don’t forget a kid, all is well.


Hope youth will be attending MYLE (Multicultural Youth Leadership Event) prior to the Gathering start. MYLE is for youth of color whose primary language is other than English.  We will also spend an afternoon at the Houston Space Center before heading home.


I can’t wait to say,


“Houston, we have lift off!”


Pr. Jim