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Pastor's Notes




Did you just hear (or sense) that giant whoosh?  Christmas Eve, one Sunday of Christmas, barely enough time to clean up after the gatherings and suddenly it’s 2019. At least for me it went by like a whoosh!  Ready or not, 2019 is upon us, and there is a lot on Hope’s agenda.

Before we rush into next year, perhaps we can savor some beautiful things that happened in December. Our Sanctuary Choir, with a new director, has been enriching us with their clear voices of musical worship leadership. Our musicians worked hard preparing and inspiring us by their rich voices throughout Advent and Christmas Eve worship. The Bells of Hope also have been ringing in Advent, and rang  two fantastic anthems on Christmas Eve.  Thank You Sanctuary and Bell Choirs! Thanks also to Dr. Dager, who parachuted in midstream; thanks also to Marilyn and Alice, and flute player, Allison, and trumpet player, Stefan, at Christmas Eve! Hope received a bright little Christmas gift –  a new projector. The new projector is almost twice as bright and shows wider and taller images, and larger print. This should help make it clearer for everyone.

Now on to 2019 and the pursuit of Hope’s three pronged mission which focuses on Justice & Compassion, a Child Development Center, and Korean Ministry.

First, on Sunday, January 27, at 11am, will be Hope’s Annual Meeting. We are to elect new Council members and individuals for the Mission & Ministry Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee; take another vote on our constitution, and present for adoption a 2019 budget which will include funding our mission objectives.

· Towards the Justice & Compassion goal, please save Friday and Saturday, February 8 and 9; for an important workshop on ‘Building Inclusive Church’ (BIC). This will be one of several steps to becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation as are several congregations in our El Camino Conference along with our Synod. Ordinarily, the registration is $100, but the Council voted to provide a subsidy to members. Look for registration materials coming out in January and register! We want to build and inclusive church.

· Hope’s Center for Early Childhood Development has a school board, which has adopted it’s bylaws, elected leadership – Micky Lazaga is the Chair, and is now working on permits, facility upgrades, and will start searching for a Director.

· At this point in the development of Korean Ministry we are working with Dr. Paul Chung, a busy and prolific Christian Theologian. Preliminary discussions have taken place and he is searching for an appropriate person for us to interview.

Other items:

Worship: The upcoming Season of Epiphany is upbeat and joyful while Advent is by nature traditional and contemplative. Our Epiphany worship will feel familiar and will have  bright music and liturgy.

There are nine Sundays in the Epiphany season  running from January 6, (the Day of Epiphany when we remember the arrival of the Three Kings at Jesus’ manger, and celebrate Jesus’ Baptism)  through  the day before Ash Wednesday, March 6. During this Epiphany season we will work to understand more deeply what we are doing in each element of worship. Dr. Dager and  I will include an educational and experiential opportunity each Sunday, so the meaning of what we do in worship will become more vivid to each of us.

Why is this important? In our future the church will need to adapt and change to be relative to a new generation. What we do in worship has both an universal dimension and yet reflects local sensibilities and culture. As we will be called on to adapt our worship, we want to keep that universal dimension as style changes. We can only do this well when we deeply understand our liturgy and how it connects us to God. So our Epiphany Season (one of my favorite church year seasons) will be familiar, and we hope will be deeply engaging.

A Happy and Blessed New Year to you!

John Sullivan, Pastor






 From our

          Associate Pastor


Merry Christmas

and Happy New Year!


By the time this is read, Christmas Eve and Day will have passed, leftovers eaten (mostly) and 2019 fast approaching. This is often a mixed time for folks. The bustle of Christmas preparations and celebrations is in the past, which can allow for a much needed rest, before the New Year gathering takes place with all of its attendant hustle and bustle. This can also be a time of endurance.


For some, the holidays are not a time of joyful remembrance, but a time of painful remembrance that is to be merely endured. There are those of us for whom the holidays are a time, when the absence of the joys of life, are most acute. The reasons are myriad and personal. For one man I know, the holidays are when he most deeply misses his now deceased wife and children. For another man the feelings of loneliness are the greatest this time of year. One woman I know completely retreats from all social interaction between Halloween and the New Year.


For some, there is no joy this time of year.


Not very cheerful eh? Well, yes and no. I find it hard to celebrate knowing that there are folks suffering and I also take comfort in knowing this very suffering is why God sent Jesus. To bring us the good news that not only does God love us, God also understands how hard life can be. Jesus comes, as an infant, to remind us that the powers of this world will not prevail. That one day, suffering will be gone. That one day, unending joy will be ours. Jesus also knows that we cannot live, unaided, by promise alone. So Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, give us strength and joy born out of the hope of the Spirit, to trust in God’s promise wrapped in a manger.


As Christ’s disciples, we’re called to share that joy with everyone.


Pr. Jim


















































From Our

 Council President






Hi All,

We just ended a busy year, and a busier New Year will begin. Council  meets January 6th at 11 AM to finalize 2019 budget.


Our annual meeting is January 27th at 11 AM. We will need a second vote on Constitution numbering, and I believe second vote for Hope Center school board members.


We will have a Building Integrative Church: Reconciling in Christ workshop Friday Feb. 8th and Saturday Feb.9th. Any Hope member will have opportunity for stipend to attend . Be on the lookout for flyer.


A big thank you to all those who helped get the Church ready for Christmas and Epiphany. Your time and talents were very appreciated.


We want to keep our students in mind who will be going back to school. Give them energy and willingness to tackle their studies and continue their paths.We remember all those who are traveling in our congregation. Give them safe journeys to return home.


We remember all those in our neighborhood and community that are in need. Keep them safe from harm and make a way for them to get what they need, Lord. Let Your abundant loving care shine through people’s hearts that they may be your hands and feet on earth.


We pray for all the ill, grieving, and lonely. We pray for all those in war-torn  areas, both populous and soldiers. Keep them safe and watch over them.


Most of all Creator, show us a time of rest and peace that we may look ahead to new goals for 2019 to be fulfilled in your world. Amen.








women’s News



Rebecca Circle


 The Rebecca Circle will resume their fall gatherings on Monday, January 7, at 10:30 am Bring a sandwich to share. 


Put the date on your calendars and plan to attend.  All women are invited!





Men’s Breakfast

Saturday, January 12th

8:00 am


Men:  Put Saturday, January 12, at 8:00 am on your calendars for the next Men’s Breakfast get together.  The group meets ate Sara’s Kitchen in Santa Clara.


Enjoy a delicious breakfast and some great fellowship.


2019 Altar Flowers



If you would like to sign up to donate flowers for our altar for the coming year, the altar flower chart is posted on the wall facing the entrancedoors.The cost of the flowers is $32.00. Fujii Florist always provides us with a beautiful bouquet each Sunday and the flowers are always enjoyed by our congregation.Please indicate how you would like to have your flowers donated: in honor or in memory of a loved one or special occasion





Annual Meeting


Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 11:00 a.m.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2018 Annual  Meeting of the members of Hope Lutheran Church will be held on Sunday, January 27, 2018 in Knutsen Hall at 11:00 am.  All members are invited and expected to attend in person.  Council will be hosting  the refreshment time following the meeting.


:The Annual Meeting of a congregation is always very important and we will be reviewing the past year and discussing our mission for the coming year.


Reports will be made from the Budget and Nominating Committees and from the Treasurer and Council Committees.  The election of council members will be held. 


Any new topic for discussion must be submitted to the council president, Colette Krinock or the church office no later than Sunday, January 13th.  


Annual Reports will be available to the congregation on Sunday, January 20th, for review. 












Council Corner

Our Advent worship services have been joyful with much singing and soon it will be Christmas and a New Year.  Progress has been made this year on our Preschool and our Social Justice Ministry. 


A Preschool board has been setup and is meeting regularly.  They have elected officers and they are Mickey Lazaga as president, Laura Clark-Moore as vice president, Bente Ellis as treasurer and Jim Moore as secretary.  Preschool language has been added to our constitution.  It is hoped that we will be hiring a Preschool Director sometime next year and maybe, the preschool will be ready to open in the fall of 2019.


Many ideas are being worked on for the Social Justice ministry.  We held a Social Justice bible study this year with a lot of regular attenders.  Pastor Jim has spearheaded a personal care buffet for the homeless that runs two Sundays a month and Wednesdays at Martha’s Kitchen.  A training called Becoming an Inclusive Church will be at Hope in February 2019. This is a training to help all of us become more open and welcoming to those who are different than us.


As we head into 2019, watch for the upcoming events and progress as we work towards our long-term goals. 



Council Secretary















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