Sunday, August 27 – Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

 Worship, 9:30 AM

 Town Hall Meeting, 11 AM

Lutheran Social Services Benevolence Sunday


In Isaiah the people are bid to look to their spiritual ancestors as the rock from which

They were hewn. Jesus declares that the church will be built on the rock of Peter's bold confession of faith.

God's word of reconciliation and mercy are keys to the church's mission. Paul urges us to not be conformed

to this world, but to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, using our individual gifts to build up the body of Christ.

 Fromthe table we go forth to offer our spiritual worship through word and deed.





Sunday, Sept. 3– Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Worship, 9:30 AM

Refreshments, 10:45 AM

Labor In The Pulpit

Cong. Church Council Meeting, 11 AM


The prophet Jeremiah speaks of the incurable wound of his suffering, yet finds in God's words the

 delight of his heart. When Peter doesn't grasp Jesus' words about suffering, Jesus tells the disciples

they will find their lives in losing them. Such sacrificial love is described by Paul when he urges us to

associate with the lowly and not repay evil with evil. In worship we gather as a community that we

might offer ourselves for the sake of our suffering world.




Sunday, Sept. 10  –  Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Worship, 9:30 AM

Refreshments, 10:35 AM

God’s Hand Our Work Sunday

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Conflict is a part of relationships and life in community. Jesus' words in today's gospel are often used in

situations having to do with church discipline. The prophet Ezekiel tells of warning the wicked to turn from

 their ways, and Paul reminds us that love is the fulfilling of the law. We gather in the name of Christ, assured

 that he is present among us with gifts of peace and reconciliation.





Sunday, Sept. 17 – Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

 Worship, 9:30 AM – Kick Off Sunday

Youth Sunday School, 9:50 AM

Salad Luncheon, 10:35 AM

Town Hall Meeting, 11 AM


In In today's second reading Paul questions why we judge one another, since we all stand before the

judgment of God. Yet we do sin against one another, and Jesus' challenge that we forgive seventy-seven

times reveals God's boundless mercy. When we hear the words of forgiveness in worship and sign ourselves

with the cross, we are renewed in baptism to be signs of reconciliation in the world.



Sunday, Sept. 24 – Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Youth Sunday School, 9:50 AM

 Worship, 9:30 AM

Adult Bible Study, 11 AM

Sierra Pacific Synod Benevolence Sunday

Birthday Sunday


Matthew narrates one of Jesus' controversial parables, in which Jesus says the

 reign of God is like workers who get paid the same no matter when they start.

 When God changes his mind about punishing Nineveh for their evil ways, Jonah is angry.

Yet God is gracious and merciful, abounding in steadfast love. In baptism we receive the grace of

God that is freely given to all. As Luther wrote, in the presence of God's mercy we are all beggars.


Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2012 Augsburg Fortress.

Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.