Sunday, Jan. 21 – Third Sunday after Epiphany

 Worship, 9:30 AM

Refreshments, 10:35 AM

Adult Bible Study, 11:00 AM


Stories of the call to discipleship continue as the time after Epiphany plays out the implications of

 our baptismal calling to show Christ to the world. Jesus begins proclaiming the good news

 and calling people to repentance right after John the Baptist is arrested for preaching in a similar way.

Knowing that John was later executed, we see at the very outset the cost of discipleship.

Still, the two sets of fisherman brothers leave everything they have known and worked for all their lives

 to follow Jesus and fish for people.




Sunday, Jan. 28 – Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Worship, 9:30 AM

Refreshments, 10:35 AM

Annual Congregational Meeting, 11:00 AM

Bread for the World Benevolence Sunday



In Deuteronomy God promises to raise up a prophet like Moses, who will speak for God;

in Psalm 111 God shows the people the power of God's works. For the church these are ways

of pointing to the unique authority people sensed in Jesus' actions and words. We encounter that

authority in God's word, around which we gather, the word that trumps any lesser spirit that

would claim power over us, freeing us to follow Jesus.


Reprinted from Words for Worship, copyright 2012 Augsburg Fortress.

Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.